Marta Zapparoli @ Kluster på Lillan. Luleå Oktober 2019

Arrangör: Kluster
Event: Marta Zapparoli @ Kluster på Lillan
Datum: 3 Oktober 2019
Plats: Lillan Luleå
Medverkande: Marta Zapparoli

Berlin-based italian sound artist Marta Zapparoli performing live at Lillan, Luleå, Sweden Oct 3 2019, the piece “Sonata Per Eterna” (2018-19) at a concert organized by Kluster, the north swedish association for contemporary music. Filmed and edited by Anders Lundkvist. About the piece: “Sonata Per Eterna” (2018-19) is a text-piece in which the meaning of some combinations of words are connected to selected sounds from electromagnetic radiations, natural radios phenomena, data from radio signals coming from the outer space, which I recorded in different countries all over the world in the past recent years and in collaboration with an Astronomical Observatory. This piece is inspired by my personal romantic idea feed it also by scientific notions about the journey of the soul after death to a perpetual motion in the universe. The signal of the soul thought as a pure energy form, leaves the body and reach the outer space passing across cosmic storms, planets, pulsar stars, black holes, intergalactic dust, stellar winds to enter in the Krasnikov tube: a distortion of space-time that can be intentionally created in the wake of travel close to the speed of light. Through it, the soul will be able to reach the final destination discovering “Eternal” in another universe. A piece of meteor come back to earth as a symbol-messenger, bringing with it the secret of a new beginning of life. During the performance, the piece it is played in real time with the use of tape recorders and reel to reel tape machine.

“Sonata Per Eterna” is dedicated to my father Giuseppe Zapparoli. Marta Zapparoli

Marta Zapparoli (1975-) is an experimental sound artist, improviser, performer, and self-taught researcher. She works and lives in Berlin since 2007. In the past fourteen years her sonic work has focused on recorded sound from the external world using a wide array of devices, microphones, sensors, ultrasonic, digital and analogue recorders, and in the past four years she has also included antennas, radio receivers, and detectors. She works without boundaries and with many unconventional techniques. Her influences and interest is the sonic environment, acoustic ecology, cosmic energies, electro-smog (radio waves communication, EMF), Natural Radio VLF (electromagnetic signal emissions which originate from natural phenomena, weather, lighting, borealis aurora and more). She is interested in the relations, origins, evolution and transformations in space and time of these signals and their effects on our senses/perceptions. With all the recordings she has captured around the world, she builds highly narrative and visionary soundscapes. Through live performances the sound material is transformed and placed into other contexts, consequently changing its original character by creating a distinct aurality into another universe of sound. She aim to stimulate a critical thinking, awareness, memories and auditory imagination of the audience.

Beside her solo project she has extensive duos and larger group collaborations including Pareidolia (with Liz Allbee), The Elks (Kai Fagaschinski, Billy Roisz, Liz Allbee), Circuit Training V ensemble , Vertigo Transport (with Burkhard Beins), duo with Billy Roisz , duo with Greta Christensen, trio with Martin Lorenz and Sebastian Hofmann. Since 2009 she is a member of Berlin’s 24-piece Splitter Orchester. She has played with many regarded musicians and bands such as Matmos and LAFMS and performed worldwide in festivals such as Maerzmusik, Atonal, A’LARM, Fusion, Darmstädt, Sincussion,Heroines of sound,Eavesdrop (Germany), Huddersfield, Sonorities, Colour out of Space (UK), Borealis (Norway), Sonic Circuit , High Zero (US), Geiger (Sweden), Konfrontationen, ArtActs (Austria), Zwei Tage Strom, Earweare,(Switzerland), Crack, Meteo Mulhouse music fest (France), Alternativa (CZ) and more. She has released records at Idiosyncratic rec, Zeromoon rec, Mikroton rec. She has received grants from Musikfonds (Germany), GAI (Italy). She has been an artist-in-residence at EMS (Sweden), AIR Krems(Austria), and DAR (Lithuania), Stone Oven House (Italy).

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