Ann Rosén – In a Small Room – release concert. Borrby November 2020

Arrangör: Vardagsrummet
Event: In a Small Room – release concert
Datum: 25 November 2020
Plats: Vardagsrummet, Borrby
Medverkande: Ann Rosén

—the concert starts at 6 min–

Releases concert with noise artist Ann Rosén – On November 25, Schhh Records releases noise artist Ann Rosén’s new solo album In a Small Room To celebrate the release Ann will perform material related to the release in a live-streamed concert. In a small room contains eight tracks, which are recordings from Rosén’s live-streamed Wednesday Drawings – unique graphite drawings that are created in front of an audience and connected to live electronics, where the pencil is the instrument that controls the whole soundscape and Rosén is the musician, conductor, sound engineer and composer all at the same time. The works have been broadcasted live via Youtube during the summer and autumn of 2020 and are now being released in recorded format. The sound is rhythmic, playful and challenging.

Rosén’s art revolves around the exploration of interpersonal communication, how we can understand ourselves in relation to the outside world and the barriers that can arise between us and others. In a small room is characterised by the barriers that the past year has entailed, when musicians have not been able to meet their audience live, and contains tracks such as Time Lag Sadness and Disconnected. The sounds that Ann Rosen processes, turn in side out, squeezes, stretches, pick apart and rebuild originates from recordings of the great Swedish Horn player Sören Hermansson.

Ann Rosén (born 1956) is the composer, musician and artist who began her career in the visual arts in the 1980s with interactive, intelligent and intriguing works. Since the 1990s, the artistic focus has been on music and sound art and Rosén has more than one hundred works behind her. The works have been performed at the Swedish Royal Opera, Modern Art Museum in Stockholm and South Bank in London, among others. Rosén has played at clubs in Berlin and London, participated in everything from underwater concerts to international festivals such as BIFEM in Australia and Sines and Squares in England. Rosén is also one of the founders of Syntjuntan, a trio of composers who for about ten years together with the audience sewed synths and then performed electroacoustic music on them. Ann Rosén has written music for a variety of different ensembles, including Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, Ensemble Makadam, the Australian Argonaut Quartet, and the New York based duo Miolina.

Schhh Records has released several of the resulting works on the albums Bredvid (2016) with Ann Rosén and Stockholm Saxophone Quartet and Ensemble Makadam & Ann Rosén live @ nymus (2014). The album Syntjuntan (Schhh Records 2012) was awarded the Manifest Award for Best Experimental Album in 2013. About the album Bredvid, the magazine Nutida Musik (2018/271) wrote: “With different kinds of sound and gestures, Ann Rosén and the musicians succeed in creating a rich cosmos that immediately succeeds in fascinating the listener.” Schhh Records is a label promoting unique sound art and music! Schhh Records promotes artists that take an extra step wether they are refining their work or they challenge boundaries and explore uncharted territories. Contact: Sten-Olof Hellström  +46 (0)780 866459

Vardagsrummet – en scen för experimentell ljudkonst och konstmusik / the livingroom sound art and experimental new musik

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