IMHOTEP first live performance @ Lillan. Luleå Maj 2019

Arrangör: Kluster
Event: IMHOTEP first live performance @ Lillan
Datum: 16 Maj 2019
Plats: Lillan Luleå
Medverkande: IMHOTEP

Excerpts from the first concert with experimental music/art project Imhotep, at Lillan, Luleå May 16th 2019, filmed by Bernt Viklund and Åsa Acking.

Imhotep is the new solo project of Anders Lundkvist (b 1971 in Umeå, Sweden), a writer, experimental musician and concert and festival organizer residing north Sweden. Over the last two decades, he has been active in a number of experimental musical units within the fields of electronic and electroacoustic music, free improvisation, psychedelic music, sound art and noise, including Vänliga Jättar, Selenite Summit, Tungan i väggkontakten, Aceite de perro, Sudanese Kinship, KlusterLab and improv orchestra NIO (Norrbotten Improvisers’ Orchestra), set up in 2015 as a vehicle for musicians and composers who wish to explore the sonic possibilities of musical improvisation.

A guitar player originally, Anders Lundkvist has over the years developed a, gradually more and more refined approach to sound-making, playful yet serious, mixing the sounds of prepared instruments and acoustic objects with electronics and field recordings. Under his new Imhotep moniker, he intends to reshape his past and bring it into the future – to sum up, recycle, twist, tweak and turn large sonic chunks and interact with them in real time, thereby hoping to create a sonic ”junk sculpture” that, together with a steady dose of text, performance art and visuals will result in a hopefully unsettling work of complex, vibrant and thrashy beauty.

The name Imhotep (”the one who comes in peace”) was of course chosen in honour of the first known architect, credited as the main designer of pharaoh Djoser’s Step Pyramid (27th century BC) in the Saqqara necropolis in Egypt. Imhotep might be regarded as a subversive sonic architecture firm in the age of creative destruction. Expect a dynamic performance, an odyssey through an ominous sonic universe ranging from almost unhearable lowercase humming to blistering noise and pulsating rhythms.

Imhotep made its first live performance at Lillan, Luleå on May 16, 2019 and will perform at NoiseLab sound art festival, Teufelsberg ,Berlin May 25-26 2019.
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